Frequently Asked Questions

Visit to the nursery

Question: Can I come in visit to the nursery to buy directly?
Answer: Yes, please call for an appointment at the telephone numbers at the bottom of the page.


Question: Can I pay with paypal?
Answer: Yes. Purchase with paypal is charged the cost of transferring the money.


Question: Bought goods are reserved?
Answer: The goods that are purchased stay reserved for a week from the time of their order.


Question: If I buy a plant included in CITES, must I also request the certificate attesting its artificial propagation?
Answer: a declaration of compliance with CITES is not an obligation but a right of those who buy plants subject to the regulation. The order confirmation sent by us or the label accompanying the specimen are sufficient to attest that our plants have been produced by us in full compliance with CITES.

Question: But in essence, why do I need this statement?
Answer: Thanks to this declaration, the buyer can do what he wants with the CITES plant he purchased. For example, he is free to sell it or give it to anyone without being (heavily) fined.

Question: So I can freely dispose of the plant CITES I purchase from Mondocactus?
Answer: Yes, the CITES plant purchased from us may be freely held, used in exhibitions and sold in any form. If you want to become an officially recognized nursery for CITES plants propagation, our plants can be declared to your CITES authorities as 'mother plants' and you can be authorized to propagate such species.
In case of transfer, it is recommended to accompany the specimen with our documentation.

Question: But I have to release my personal information to get this statement?
Answer:CITES authority asks that the name of the person buying the plants is accurately recorded only in cases of purchase and sale of wild specimens (holding the CITES authorization). With regard to the purchase and sale of plants included in CITES but artificially propagated, the authorized companies are not obliged to ask for personal information of their customers.

Question: Your declaration of conformity CITES and the CITES export are the same thing?
Answer: No, our statement is used to certify that the CITES plant we sold was produced in compliance with the regulations, while the CITES certificate is a document issued by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development on payment of € 15.45 (+ cost of bulletin and fees) required for the export of a plant outside of the European Community.

Question: therefore, I don'r need a CITES certificate if I buy plants in Italy, France or Germany ?
Answer: Right! The certificate is required if you buy plants included in CITES in countries outside of Europe.

Question: what about seeds?
Answer: the rules above are applied to seeds of species included in Appendix 1 of CITES. In the near future our company intends to offer for sale the seeds produced from their parent plants, obtained by hand pollination.

Question: In what circumstances is a must to require a CITES certificate?
Answer: The CITES certificate is a official document provided at a cost of € 17.00, and it covers up to three plants species, no matter the number of plants. It's purchase obligatory only in the case of shipments outside the European Community.


Question: When are shipped the plants I buy?
Answer: From the moment we receive your payment, we need at least a week to prepare and execute the shipment.

General topics

Question: Mondocactus sells Peyote?
Answer: Peyote (Lophophora williamsii Coult) in Italy is a plant species which possession and sale is forbidden, this is why Mondocactus doesn't offer plants of this species.